New EU Rules on USB-C Charging Could Force an iPhone Redesign

New EU Rules on USB-C Charging Could Force an iPhone Redesign

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European lawmakers have mandated that mobile devices (looking at you, Apple) must charge using the same standard connector cable.

Future iPhones might have an easily replaceable battery due to new EU law

Apple forced to change charger in Europe as EU approves overhaul

Bad news for Apple as EU makes USB-C common charger • The Register

Apple must switch to USB-C or port-free iPhone by December 2024, says EU

Apple September 12 Event: iPhone 15 Charging Port Change to USB-C From Lightning - Bloomberg

USB-C iPhones mandatory from 2024, as EU agreement reached

Apple's move to iPhones with USB-C likely to be short-lived : r/apple

EU's USB-C mandate approval puts pressure on Apple to replace Lightning port

AreMe 90 Degree USB-C Male to USB-C Female Adapter (2 Pack), Type-C Up and Down Right Angle 40Gbps PD 100W Fast Charging Connector for Steam Deck, Switch, Laptop, MacBook Pro/Air, Tablet

USB-C To Become Mandatory Charger In EU By 2024, With Rules Applying To All Companies, Including Apple

iPhone 15 could be banned in Europe if Apple limits USB-C port compatibility

Apple Will Be Forced To Use USB-C Charger In iPhones Under Landmark EU Agreement

Apple (AAPL) Testing iPhones Without Lightning Ports in Favor of USB-C - Bloomberg

EU finalizes charger rule forcing USB-C on iPhones in 2024

EU votes to force all phones to use same charger by 2024, European Union